When you perform a search, your search results page will include a list of filters on the left side of the page under the heading Filter by. You can turn these filters on and off to further narrow or expand your search results. You can refine your results by filtering on these categories:

  • Standards
  • Subject Area
  • Education Level
  • Material Type
  • Conditions of Use
  • Content Source
  • Primary User
  • Media Format
  • Educational Use
  • Language

Filter search results

  1. On any search results page, you will see a list of filter types ion the left side of the page under the heading Filter by. Select any down arrow in the filters list to open more selections for each filter. Tip: If you started your search with Advanced Search or from the home page, the filters you’ve already selected will be shown as active. You can narrow your search by selecting additional filters, or expand your search by deselecting active filters.  
  2. Select one or more filter. Both the Search Results and the Selected filters are updated to reflect your new selection(s).  
  3. Turn off a filter at any time by selecting the “x” button next to Selected filters at the top of your search results. When you turn off a filter, your search results will be automatically updated.