Microsite users who have endorsement permissions (granted by a Microsite Administrator) can add endorsements to resources. Any microsite user can add tags to resources. 

Hub Administrators and users can use endorsements and tags to organize resources into collections for a hub. Endorsements are used to mark a resource as part of a hub, and tags are used to direct these endorsed resources to your collections. The endorsement is an important part of this process, as it gives the endorser the authority to decide which resource will be included in a hub. Think of the endorsement as a “key” to the hub, and tags as a “map” to guide resources into collections. Your ISKME contact will work with you to build collections with endorsements and tags to suit your needs. Note: endorsements are available for Content Provider Resources (created with the Submit from Web workflow) and lessons created with Open Author. Full Courses and Units created with Open Author currently are not endorsable. 

(If the Endorsement section doesn’t appear on a resource landing page, then your microsite doesn’t have endorsements loaded by Microsite Administrators, or you don’t have permission to add endorsements.)

Add an endorsement

  1. Log in to your site.

  2. On a resource’s landing page, select Endorse in the Endorsements section.

  3. Choose the desired endorsement(s) from the list of organizations, and then select Add. In this example from OER Commons, we will choose Nebraska Department of Education. 

  4. Now your endorsement is visible. To remove the endorsement, select the X in the top right corner of the endorsement. To review other resources that are also endorsed by the same organization, select the endorsement. In this example, select Nebraska Department . . . . to review all resources endorsed by the Nebraska Department of Education.

Add a tag

  1. Log into your site.

  2. Enter your desired tag into the Add New Tag field, and select Enter or Return. This example already has five tags, and we are adding a new tag for STEM. 

  1. To remove a tag that you’ve added, select the X in the top right corner of the tag. 

  2. Select any tag to review all resources with that tag.